The Power of Financial Common Sense: Jonathan Edwards vs. Max Jukes

In the debate of financial common sense, the legacies of Jonathan Edwards and Max Jukes provide us with tangible evidence of the consequences of our financial decisions. Their stories emphasize the importance of financial prudence, wise investments, and legacy planning in securing a prosperous future for ourselves and our descendants.

4 mins read

Why Investors Must Understand Macroeconomic Goals – A Real Informed Finance Perspective

In order to clearly understand what a ‘macroeconomy’ and its goals are, I beg to introduce the very basics of ‘economics’ so that we can add the ‘macro’ to it to make it a ‘macroeconomy’. For perspective, the term ‘economics’ is of Greek ancestry from the word “oikonomia”; a compound word derived from two simple […]

12 mins read

Optimal Insurance For Investment For Beginners – A Real Informed Finance perspective

Although the subject of ‘optimality’ has been approached from various angles in the past, this article discourses it from the practicality of what it entails – efficiency. I wish to introduce you to an economic concept from my background that succinctly resonates with optimality – pareto efficiency. Pareto efficiency, sometimes referred to as pareto optimality, […]

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