About Real Informed Finance

About Real Informed Finance
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Real Informed Finance is all about making finance interesting, simple and actionable

Why Real Informed Finance?

After adept nuanced years of financial studies and practice, we bring you the distilled information we have amased as practicable to reign in your finances. We believe it takes one to first understand the financial climate (and weather) for them to make informed financial decisions. Thereafter, it’s a matter of balancing equity and credit; and ensuring one’s exposure risks are proficiently covered by insurance.

Our Vision

We endeavor to be your go to platform for real financial information

Our Mission

We want to make financial affairs interesting, simple and actionable to our reach

Our Commitment

Quality, insightful and practical content

In this information age, real financial information is the dynamics unto wealth; it’s the beacon, the blueprint, the lighthouse… to guide your intuition as you navigate financial affairs.

We are always working on periodic macroeconomic outlook reports that depict the current financial climate (and weather), with solid tips to investment and personal finance, credit finance, and insurance.

We have started our financial journey together; you our readers and we your pilots. Like an engineer on a mountain railroad, we will take you through the fields, curves, trestles and tunnels of your journey to financial success. We promise you the view will be breath-taking as we revolutionize our finances. Buckle up! Shalom.